General Terms and Conditions Online Terms of Sale Bit4shop        General Provisions  These general sales conditions (hereinafter “General Conditions”) are applied to all sales of products (hereinafter “Products” or “Product”)purchased through the website (hereinafter the "Site"). Contracts with Bit4id srl (hereinafter “BIT”) through the Siteare governed by Italian law and shall be interpreted in accordance with Italian laws in particular by Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206  and  Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, n. 70.        Seller’s identification  The seller is Bit4id srl, Registered Office: via Diocleziano 107 Naples. VAT Number IT: 04741241212, Rea Number: XXXXXXX (hereinafter “BIT).        Product information  Products to be sold by BIT to Customers shall be Products available in Bit4shop catalogue. Images are indicative only.The images and technical data supplied may not be complete and exhaustive. The term "available" when you visualize the product, is indicative only because of the possibility of multiple purchases at the same time by multiple users. For this reason, Bit4id srl  reserve the right, once received the order, to check the availability of the property and, failing, to notify the failed acceptance of the order sent. No responsibility can be imputed to Bit4id Srl        Ordering  To buy a product the Customer shall complete and submit to the BIT order form electronically, following the instructions contained in the Site. The Customer shall select the products he wants and specify the quantity and enter the product into the "Shopping cart", and after having read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions, with particular reference to the contribution towards the cost of delivery and the conditions on the right of withdrawal, and after having viewed the Privacy Policy, he must select the desired payment method and choose the option "Confirm my order ".  Before submitting the order the customer can correct any errors in data entry by following the appropriate procedure for amendment contained in the Site. In particular, the Customer has the right to modify the number of Products to be purchased, adding or deleting one or more Products from the "Shopping cart".  Upon submission of the order proposal the Customer acknowledges and declares to have read all the indications supplied during the purchase procedure and to fully accept the General Terms and Conditions.  The Customer will have the opportunity to view and track its own order status through the area "Orders" in its personal account.  BIT reserves the right to evaluate the acceptance of orders received. BIT inform the Customer is unable to accept any orders received within 48 hours from the working day following that on which the client has sent the order to the BIT and will refund any amounts already paid by the customer for payment for the provision.  BIT reserves the right to evaluate the acceptance of orders received. BIT will inform the Customer the impossibility to accept any orders received within 48 hours from the working day following order sent to BIT that will refund any amounts already paid by the customer for payment for the provision.  When the customer places an order, an acknowledgement e-mail confirming receipt of the order will be sent. This email will only be an acknowledgement and will not constitute acceptance of your order. A contract between BIT for the purchase of the goods will not be formed until the payment has been approved and BIT billing agent has debited customer’s credit or debit card.        Methods of payment BIT accepts payments in the following ways:  Payment by Credit Card or Paypal account. Whatever method of payment is used, the order shall not be taken into account until the payment has been validated. As long as the order has not been validated, it shall be recorded but not taken into account. Validation of the order is issued once authorization to debit the account has been sent by the organization that verifies and validates payment. BIT shall then send a confirmation email and the Customer’s account shall be debited.  BIT reserves the right to suspend the processing of an order if payment by bank card is not authorized or payment is not made. If appropriate, BIT may consider the sale to be cancelled.        Purchase invoice  For each order completed on Site, BIT issue an invoice for the shipped Products, sending it via e-mail or registered mail to the Customer, in accordance with D.P.R  445/2000 and Legislative Decree no. 52/2004. For the issuance of the invoice BIT will refer to the data provided by the Customer. No change in the bill will be possible after its issuance.        Invalidity of the propose order   No proposed order is to be considered accepted by BIT and no contract is concluded between the customer and BIT if BIT has reasonable and probable cause to believe that the customer does not operate on the basis of a real and genuine interest in the purchase of the Products ordered, or is exercising improperly the right of withdrawal. In such cases, the proposed order submitted by the Customer shall be without force and effect whatsoever. BIT will send the Customer, via e-mail, a notice stating the non-acceptance of the proposed order and the failure to conclude the contract, also ensuring the cancellation of any charges and / or expenses charged to the customer.        Errors  Information regarding the products provided on the website are constantly updated. However it is not possible to guarantee the complete absence of errors. BIT reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time.        Governing Law and Jurisdiction  These Terms and Conditions are governed by Italian law and shall be interpreted in accordance with Italian laws. For disputes arising from the interpretation, validity and / or execution of these General Conditions the territorial imperative is that of the court of Naples.       10. Contacts  For more information please write to the following e-mail: