About Bit4shop is a Bit4shop brand for online Italian and international sales of products and solutions for secure identification. Our mission is developing products and systems for secure digital identification, easy to install and reasonably priced.   We design and manufacture "plug&play  security products and appliances", which guarantee maximum security and usability. Mandatory requirements that all our products have are as follows: - All-in-one – Use our technology to meet the related functions:          Logical Access control and authentication          Digital Signature          Ciphering          Auditing - Zero Installation: reduced installation and management costs. - Portable: cross-platform usable everywhere, any time. - Everywhere: our technology can be used anywhere. Without any additional hassle. - Zero foot-print: no trace left on the systems hosting transaction/processes. Why choose us Reliability Bit4shop is a Bit4id Srl Project, company boasting a solid know-how on software and systems for security and identification based on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) systems. Competence, determination and passion are three key principles basis for Bit4id. Wide catalog A product catalog regularly updated, always placing the care and attention to the quality of the product within an innovative and technologically advanced market. Secure Payments Safe and secure payment systems such as PayPal or Banca Sella. Our customers can purchase through PayPal or by credit card, by bank transfer or cash on delivery. Fast shipping Product shipments in stock within 48 hours from payment receipt. Packages are prepared accurately and safely, to prevent their damage during transport. Dedicated customer service We have a dedicated customer service for questions about products, technical support on purchased products, or any other type of requirement. All registered users can send a request via email to assistenza@bit4id.com and receive a response within 24 hours and, if needed,  contacted by telephone.